Quarterdeck Resort

7499 Highway 3, Summerville Centre

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Quarterdeck Resort


Facing Southwest - View from the Quarterdeck Restaurant towards Summerville Beach


Beautifully situated on the Summerville Beach, in the Provincial Summerville Park, close to the picturesque town of Liverpool – sits the Quarterdeck Resort! The Quarterdeck Resort offers a refreshing coastal escape – combined with the best amenities to make your getaway (whether for personal or business) the best it can be!

Whether you are seeking a quiet retreat to restore spirits, an invigorating corporate venue to encourage goal setting and team-building, or a secluded getaway to rekindle romance, or an adventure destination to reconnect as a family – The Quarterdeck Resort is the place to be!

The Quarterdeck Resort consists of a variety of accommodations to meet every need. Spacious Beach Villas, cozy Shoreline Rooms and a large 3 Bedroom Suite are just steps from the beach, while our stunning and modern Lofts command an amazing view from the hillside, overlooking the beach and Summerville Provincial Park. Hilltop Studios and Seawood Rooms boast an amazing view from their private decks perched hilltop, and are our two pet-friendly options! Join us, year-round, to enjoy our incredible facilities and outstanding amenities amidst a setting so beautiful and breathtaking, you’ll never want to leave.

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