Woolen Mill Museum, Barrington/Kespukwitk

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Facing West - Views of the Barrington River (Kiack Brook) in the historic district of Barrington.


The Barrington Woolen Mill is a member of the Nova Scotia Museum family and is one of four museums that make up the Barrington Museum Complex, operated by the Cape Sable Historical Society. We are located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’Kmaq people. The Barrington Museum Complex is nestled along the Barrington River (Meninsk-kek-sipu) which has been important to the lives of many cultures that have lived along its banks:

  • the Mi’kMaq, who traditionally camped during the summer months adjacent to the Mill and used the river as a means of transportation;
  • the Acadians, who lived on both sides of the river until they were deported from Barrington in 1758;
  • the New England Planters, who built the Old Meeting House Museum in 1765, and whose descendants came to rely on the river to transport logs to the mills to be used by local shipbuilders.

Watch local photographers capture family portraits throughout the season on the footbridge. See how the tide pushes water in and sometimes over the dam or locals fishers dipping for kiack in the Spring. You might even catch one of our world champion log-rollers practicing in the river!


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