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Facing None - Bide Awhile Animal Shelter is proud to present our newest shelter members – the Bide Awhile Bees!


Bide Awhile Animal Shelter is proud to present our newest shelter members – the Bide Awhile Bees! These bees will play an important part in supporting our surrounding environment, especially that of our own Trio’s Place Garden. At Bide Awhile, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are always looking for ways to improve our green initiatives.

About Bide Awhile Animal Shelter: Bide Awhile is special. It’s a place where animals can feel safe and cared for while they wait for their permanent home. Why are we different than other shelters? We believe that difference is our respect for and commitment to our relationships with our animal companions and other organizations who also support companions and their families. These ideals not only provide the foundation for our values and our mission statement, but they’re also evident in everything that we do.

About Trio’s Place Garden: In 2012, we created a special spot on the Bide Awhile Animal Shelter property – Trio’s Place Garden. This is a peaceful place to remember or honour a beloved family member or friend, whether they’re human or animal, through memorial plaques and greenery. We named the garden in honour of someone who not only inspired us, but also ruled the roost at Bide Awhile for almost 23 years. With only three legs, Trio faced a unique challenge—but it never slowed her down.

If you’d like to support Bide Awhile and our green initiatives, you can donate at: Donate Now - Bide Awhile

About Greenfield Hives & Honey: Locally owned and operated from the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia by a couple who care about bees, the environment and the positive impact small local farms have on our Food Supply Chain. We are dedicated to providing the personal service you expect from a small family business with the competitive pricing of the big guys.

We produce 100% Pure Raw, Nova Scotia Honey with a Hyper-Local aspect in mind so you can trace that honey to it's exact origin.   Our goal is to help people to reconnect with the food they eat, meaning you know exactly what’s in the food on your table.


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